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Portable BlazeVideo VideoFlick - редактор фото и видео

8 августа 2010. Разместил: sven

Portable BlazeVideo VideoFlick - редактор фото и видео


BlazeVideo VideoFlick - умные , но мощный инструмент, который позволяет редактировать видео и фотографии и поделиться ими с семьей и друзьями в различных форматах. создания фильмов и публиковать их в Интернете клипы, фильмы Email , Snapshot фото из видео и многое другое на одном VideoFlick .
Особенности BlazeVideo VideoFlick :
Resize your photos into your favorite size:
Crop the unnecessary part of the original photo to make it more beautiful.
Easy and Enhanced Photo Fixs:
Manually adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, blur and sharp.
*Remove red-eye with one click
*Merge Photo collection
Merge several photos together adds transition between two pictures for
Snapshot Video:
VideoFlick extracts every single frame from video, so you can capture the perfect shot from videos.
Sharing Online:
Besides editing, VideoFlick provides direct editing video uploading to Youtube, Flickr and other online video services.
Sharing Via Email:
VideoFlick makes it pretty easy to invite your friends and family to enjoy your creativity. Send attachment-free emails to make watching videos a breeze.
Import Media Files from any DV, DC and Removable Media:
VideoFlick offers you to access all videos and photos on any home DV, DC, mobile phone camera, DVD, removable disc, etc..
Crop the Imperfect Video:
Crop the original video to the proper field you want. Now you can crop the video black side and make your favorite videos is too large to perfectly play on your iPod, iPad, PSP, MP3/MP4 player, Mobile Phone, etc.
Add Watermark Anywhere onto Original Video:
Add watermark to your video to protect your copyright, add comments, timestamps and other your copyright.
Merge Video Clips with Your Own Title and Credits:
VideoFlick allows you to merge several video clips together with your own personalized title and credits screen.
Find Your Media Files with Ease:
VideoFlick makes it extremely easy to organzie your video and photo collection. Your imported media folders could be seperatedly listed as video folder and photo folder. Media files in the folder could be viewed in Thumbnail and Full Screen.
Disc Creation:
Enjoy your finished videos/photos at home by producing DVD disc or CD disc.
Play Your Files on Mobile Devices:
VideoFlick exports video files to FLV, AVI and ASF. Coming soon for iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, PSP, 3GP and Mobile Phone.
One-click FixVideo:
Flick enables a number of enhancement you can apply with just one click.
Quickly-accessed function:
Buttom toolbar lists the basic features of VideoFlick. With many features just for video, VideoFlick list the video-only features with active status which allows you to quickly access the available features.
Html Ablum Producing:
VideoFlick helps you to create all the image collection in Picture Tray into html page with different album style.Ways to Show and Tell.

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